Ever Been Rick Rolled On Youtube?

Answer Your probably looking at video game videos or movie previews. Rick Rolled vids are easy to see coming when you see the title of a clip thats too good to be true. Everyone has been Rick Rolled.

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Whats up with all the rick rolled videos on youtube?

Who here has been Rick Rolled?

I have gone to the site several times, and yes, I have been rick rolled at least thrice. It is annoying. Some real punks are on Youtube. I hate when I really am anticipating something, and get some... Read More »

How to Avoid Getting Rick Rolled?

Always being Rick Rolled by your friends, but don't know how to avoid it? Does it seem like every link you follow leads to another annoying dance video by Rick Astley? Read this article to learn ho... Read More »

Hey, I'm curious, who started the whole rick-rolling thing on youtube anyways?

It started out on the website.Some guy did it and pretended it was a link to a release for some new software, then everyone started doing it.Update:I just did a search on Wikipedia an... Read More »