Even though Wikipedia can be changed by a normal Joe Shmoe, do you still use it?

Answer despite what people say about it, i find wikipedia to be a better source than most other websites.for one, there are loads of extremely dedicated people who make sure that the articles are factual ... Read More »

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I am a 14 year old girl Could I still have protected sex with my 14 year old boyfriend and not get pregnant even though I haven't even gotten my period yet?

There are cases in medical history of girls as young as 8 or 9 who have gotten pregnant, even tho they likely would not have gotten their first period for years to come. You are 14, which means it... Read More »

Why does your vacuum cleaner bag stink even though it has an odor reducing tablet in the bag which was changed as well as the filter?

Central Vacuum Eliminates Odors Unfortunately, there is a smell because the vacuum motor actually absorbs the odors. This means that even when a new bag is used, and even when you use odor tablets,... Read More »

Can you still get the flu even though you received the flu shoot?

Yes unfortunatley, there are many different types of influenza viruses...good luck. keep your hands clean, get plenty of rest and eat well and you should be ok. ;)

Can you get arrested for clicking on "edit" on Wikipedia even though you have not edited anything?

No, you can't. However, if you go and "vandalize" a page they'll use the history to edit it back to what it originally was. If you do it a lot, then they might ban your IP (but you'd have to REAL... Read More »