Evaluation Argument Topics?

Answer One of the skills every writer must have is the ability to argue convincingly if something is good or if something is bad. This is done by establishing a set of generally accepted criteria and then... Read More »

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Argument Topics for Research Papers?

Some papers that are written for school take a persuasive approach, allowing a student to argue his position on the topic. Any topic that is debatable makes a suitable choice for this type of resea... Read More »

Essay Topics for an Argument of Definition Paper?

Argument of definition essays are a popular genre in English 101 and English 102 college courses. In an argument of definition essay, you are asked to argue that a term or concept should be defined... Read More »

Casual Argument Topics for a Research Paper?

Argument research papers involve taking a stance on an issue and researching facts and statistics to back your position. They also require that you refute common arguments that the opposing side us... Read More »

Argument Essay Topics on Social Issues?

Social issues can divide families and groups of friends. Not everyone is going to agree on a controversial subject. This provides the opportunity for each side to express its opinions. One way to e... Read More »