Etiquette for Get Well Wishes?

Answer Get well wishes are a way of saying you care about someone's well-being when they have been injured or are ill. The simple act of wishing someone well is uplifting to their spirits when they are go... Read More »

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Ask your kids if they had 3 wishes, what would they wish for. What'd they say?

8 year old dd, who is home sick today:1. AstroBoy to be real2. That she had the movie "AstroBoy"3. A really nice chocolate cake on her birthday.(just recently saw AstroBoy via Netflix and it is her... Read More »

Who wishes they had music like they did in the old days?

Same here mate. I miss songs like Gimme Shelter, Stairway To Heaven, Yesterday, Baba O Riley, and Dream On. I wish that someone out there would make the same music and be as big as these guys. I ha... Read More »

How to Make Seven Wishes Bars?

One of the ingredients-chocolate chips!Seven Wishes Bars are a delicious treat for the holidays. They are usually made with a variety of 7 ingredients (a.k.a 7 wishes). Here's how to make these yum... Read More »

If you got three wishes from a jeenie whqt would they be?

First I'd wish for people to learn to spell "genie",and secondly, for people to classify their questions correctly, and thirdly, I'd wish for three more wishes!