Ethnographic Terms?

Answer Ethnography comes from the Greek words "ethnos" (people) and "grapho" (to write). Ethnography is, in short, writing about people. It is associated with the scientific fields of anthropology and soc... Read More »

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What is ethnographic observation?

Ethnographic observation is an important part of sociological and anthropological studies, allowing researchers to closely observe and study a particular culture or group in order to better underst... Read More »

What is an ethnographic study?

An ethnographic study is designed to understand the social and cultural elements of a community, society or culture. Ethnographic study is the primary methodology used in cultural anthropology. Res... Read More »

Ethnographic Resources?

Ethnographic resources include objects, landscapes, biota and structures/sites that have cultural significance. They are resources that are integral to a people's identity or way of life, are essen... Read More »

What is ethnographic research?

Ethnographic research is a method of study within the field of anthropology. Rather than collecting data as an objective outsider, the ethnographer immerses himself in a foreign culture to try to l... Read More »