Ethnic Nose Types?

Answer The nose is a facial feature with characteristics that can sometimes be attributed to a particular race or ethnic culture. Most ethnic groups have a specific set of characteristics of the nose that... Read More »

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Ethnic Hair Types?

Ethnicity plays a big role in the characteristics of hair. Those with ethnic hair often need specialized cutting techniques and products to make the most of their hair type. Does ... Read More »

Short Ethnic Food Survey anyone Which is your favorite Ethnic foods?

1: Japanese2: ...Hmm...American/Canadian3: Thai!!4: Indian5: MexicanI'm part Polish, part Ukranian, part Indian (so part Asian =D ), part English/British (how I can do the accent so well..), ..and ... Read More »

Types of Nose Jewelry?

If you have always wanted a nose piercing, you may want to consider artistic nose jewelry instead of a regular old stud. Nose jewelry is usually for pierced nostrils. You can get your nose pierced ... Read More »

Nose Piercing Jewelry Types?

Nose piercings are one of the most common facial piercings worn today, according to Easy Body Jewelry. The tradition of having a nose piercing has roots in Indian, Middle Eastern and African cultur... Read More »