Ethics Vs. Morals in Counseling?

Answer The distinction between ethics and morals is subtle, but it can be critical for practitioners of certain professions. Legal, medical and educational professionals face ethical dilemmas often, and c... Read More »

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Are morals&ethics the same?

Morals and ethics are similar in definition, but are not precisely the same. Ethics is the study of morality or the specific code of conduct based on moral truths. Morals are the actual beliefs, of... Read More »

Difference Between Morals & Ethics?

It might be accepted that there is significant overlap between the meanings of "ethics" and "morals." But the terms are not interchangeable and a distinction must be made between them for proper un... Read More »

What is the counseling form used by the us army when conducting an initial counseling?

the form is a DA Form 4856 developmental counseling form you can find it at

How long after an initial army counseling is the next counseling due?

There are no time limits on counseling. But units do employ the method 6 months to a year as an accessment.