Ethical Theories in Business?

Answer In an effort to establish some ethical guidelines for business, three normative ethical theories have evolved in Western capitalist societies. They include the stockholder theory, the stakeholder t... Read More »

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Strengths of Teleological Ethical Theories?

Teleological ethics is best summed up by the old adage, "The ends justify the means." Teleology is sometimes mistaken for consequentialism, i.e., a theory that derives moral value by determining wh... Read More »

Three Categories of Ethical Theories?

In the study of ethics there are three types of ethical theories: intuition-based, end-based and duty-based. These three types of ethics seek to describe the rules, behavioral trends and moral cod... Read More »

Ethical Obligations in Business?

"First do no harm" is the oath of the medical community but it should also be the pledge of the business sector. While the primary function of a business is to produce a product or perform a servic... Read More »

Models of Ethical Behavior in Business?

Ethics is an important part of business. Companies use ethical behavior models to ensure managers and employees follow the proper rules of the company and the business environment when working. Man... Read More »