Ethical Issues of Inclusion in the Classroom?

Answer Throughout history, not all school-age children have been afforded the same opportunities to education. In fact, initiatives aimed at correcting these imbalances only truly began in the 20th centur... Read More »

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What Are the Ethical Issues and Human Issues Concerning Technology in the Classroom?

The ethical and human issues related to technology in schools and colleges are complex. To understand them, you must understand the various trends and historical developments that affect the roles ... Read More »

Ethical Issues Regarding Classroom Assessments?

Classroom assessments are done to determine how well students have assimilated the course material. Classroom assessments can be local, statewide or national. The results of the assessment could ha... Read More »

Legal & Ethical Issues in the Classroom?

In the course of doing their jobs, teachers naturally run into many legal and ethical issues. While most teachers would, ideally, like to avoid running into legal and ethical problems, they are bou... Read More »

Legal and Ethical Issues in Classroom Management?

Effective classroom management is essential to creating a fertile learning atmosphere, but sometimes efforts to gain control over students can cross over legal and ethical boundaries. Although some... Read More »