Ethical Issues in an Age of Information & Communication Technology?

Answer The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy calls the application of ethical theories --- theories of right and wrong --- to everyday controversies "applied ethics," and everyday technologies like the ... Read More »

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What Are the Ethical Issues and Human Issues Concerning Technology in the Classroom?

The ethical and human issues related to technology in schools and colleges are complex. To understand them, you must understand the various trends and historical developments that affect the roles ... Read More »

What are the ethical issues facing radiologic technology?

With the continual invention and improvement of lifesaving medical technology also comes the burden of ethical decision making. Radiologists today face more ethical issues than meet the eye.Unnece... Read More »

E-Business Ethical Issues on Selling Personal Information?

It may not be ethical for an e-business to sell personal information, but in certain cases it's legal --- which can make it confusing to determine what's ethical. For example, the College Board leg... Read More »

The Information & Communication Technology Act?

Bangladesh passed the Information and Communication Technology Act (ICT Act) in 2006. This act gave the government the ability to regulate various methods of electronic communication including the ... Read More »