Ethernet Switch Description?

Answer An Ethernet switch has multiple Ethernet ports, typically from 4 up to 32 ports or more. The switch reads Ethernet Frames from any port and transmits them on other ports. Each port on a switch ca... Read More »

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What is an ethernet switch?

A network is a structure where computers and accessories such as printers are joined together. This allows them to perform operations such as exchanging files, printing and placing one computer und... Read More »

What is an Ethernet switch vs. a hub?

Ethernet hubs and switches are both networking devices that can be used to connect personal computers together. The difference between them is that a hub sends data to all of the computers connecte... Read More »

How to Set Up an Ethernet Switch With Windows 98?

Ethernet switches are commonly referred to as routers and offer a way to connect multiple computers on your local network. These switches also allow you to share a single Internet connection betwee... Read More »

What does a desktop ethernet switch do?

A desktop ethernet switch is used for computer networking, such as connecting all the computers in one location to a printer or an Internet connection. A desktop ethernet switch is typically used i... Read More »