Ethanol Quality of Corn Vs. Sugar Cane?

Answer Ethanol is a compound with the molecular formula C2H5OH. It is volatile and highly flammable, which makes it an attractive prospect as an alternative fuel. Countries such as Brazil and the United S... Read More »

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Is ethanol made from food quality corn?

Ethanol is made from starch- or sugar-based feedstock, according to the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), not from human food-quality corn. "For calendar year 2009, ethanol production exceeded 10.... Read More »

Differences Between Corn Sugar & Cane Sugar?

Although the word refers to types of crystalline carbohydrates, such as sucrose, fructose and glucose, that share a sweet flavor, "sugar" has been traditionally used to define the processed powdere... Read More »

Is pure cane sugar healthier to consue than high fructose corn syrup If so, what are the differences?

Oh, you can talk about the details quite a bit - but you're pretty much nit-picking -- your body will hardly be able to tell the difference between sugar, corn syrup and honey. sugar is mostly suc... Read More »

Where are the sugar cane fields in Houston Tx and how do I contact the sugar cane sellers?

Don't think there's a sugar cane market here in the Houston area anymore. It used to be in the Sugar Land area years ago.