Essential Science Questions for First Graders?

Answer First graders have many exciting ideas to explore in their science classes -- so many, in fact, that it can be hard to decide what to focus on. Essential questions organize concepts in the form of ... Read More »

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Earth Science Activities for First-Graders?

The basics of science are taught beginning in the early grades. Even first-graders are capable of learning about some of the aspects of the earth and how it operates. While these young students can... Read More »

Unique Science Projects for First Graders?

Engaging first-grade students in science projects allows them to experience scientific principles and watch the reaction firsthand. Use unique projects to pique the interest of the students and bro... Read More »

Science Projects for First-Graders Using Mud?

A science project can be a fun and entertaining way to educate a first-grader. There are many options for projects, but mud is one that allows for a variety of creative ideas as well as allowing fo... Read More »

First-Place Science Projects for Fifth-Graders?

Fifth-grade students can base their science projects on one of the key disciplines: biology, chemistry, physics or earth science. You should encourage your students to organize their approach to th... Read More »