Essay Writing Topics for Kids?

Answer Learning about the various types of essays, and honing writing skills, is an important part of childhood development. However, kids often see essay writing as a dull task. By choosing an interestin... Read More »

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GED Essay Writing Topics?

A portion of the GED, or General Educational Development, test is devoted to evaluating your writing skills. The writing portion is in the form of an essay question or prompt. Testing parameters gi... Read More »

Some Topics on Essay Writing?

Essay writing can be one of the most rewarding scholarly exercises. Generally short, essays offer the opportunity to voice your opinion, think deeply about a given topic or engage in a public disco... Read More »

SAT Essay Writing Topics?

Whether you are a teacher trying to help your students with studying for the SATs, or an individual attempting to increase your score alone, you cannot deny the importance of the exam's essay porti... Read More »

Creative Writing Essay Topics?

Creative writing is rooted in real or imagined experiences. Anything can be used as a creative writing essay topic, such a: religion, art and literature, society, and love. Creative writing can ev... Read More »