Essay Topics for High School Seniors?

Answer The senior year in high school often requires students to compose essays for exams, college admissions and scholarship applications. Curriculum standards require seniors to demonstrate adequate wri... Read More »

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Journal Writing Topics for High School Seniors?

High schools often encourage students to get into the habit of daily writing. Many school districts even require high school seniors to keep a journal during the final year of secondary education. ... Read More »

High School Analytical Essay Topics?

An analytical essay can be difficult to write. To make it easier, choose a topic that is interesting to you and will give you a lot of material to work with. There are many things that you can ana... Read More »

Fun Activities for High School Seniors?

The senior year of high school is a milestone in the lives of many teenagers. It can be an exciting yet bittersweet time. Regardless of your plans for the following year, it is important to enjoy y... Read More »

When do high school seniors graduate?

In most United States schools, a year is 180 days. Thus the final semester, trimester or quarter typically ends on the 180th day and the commencement ceremony follows the weekend after the last day... Read More »