Erwin Chargaff's Discoveries?

Answer Discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule is often credited to James Watson and Francis Crick in the early 1950s; however, Watson and Crick had several precursors who helped lay the ground for... Read More »

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Where did Steve erwin die?

He got stung by a stingray in the sea

Who is Erwin James?

Erwin James, born James Erwin Monahan, is a convicted murderer who served 20 years in prison. He lived as a fugitive for a time after the murders, including a stint in the French Foreign Legion. J... Read More »

What did erwin schrodinger discover?

Erwin Schrodinger was an Austrian physicist who contributed to the development of quantum wave mechanics. Schrodinger won a Nobel Prize in 1933 for the development of his equation, called the Schro... Read More »

What did Erwin Chargaff discover?

Erwin Chargaff, a biochemist, discovered that DNA composition varies among species in 1950. Chargaff's discovery helped pave the way for James D. Watson and Francis Crick to discover the structure ... Read More »