Errors and biases on Wikipedia...?

Answer I actually can't recall any right now, but I do remember reading this page about Encyclopaedia Britannica's mistakes which have been corrected... in Wikipedia :D Read More »

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Wikipedia is written by amateurs for amateurs and is full of errors?

I don't use Wikipedia for that reason but I don't automatically give a thumbs down to someone who used it.

What Are Some Possible Biases in Peer Evaluations?

Student peer evaluation can provide constructive feedback on student work. While generally considered an effective teaching tool, peer evaluations have the potential to be biased by several factors... Read More »

How to Overcome Unconscious and Hidden Biases?

Always good advice...Buried prejudice and biases is surprisingly influential to all our decisions, feelings and consequently actions - but there are times this can be more harm than good. Here are ... Read More »

How to Rid Yourself of Unfair Biases Against Poor People?

If you get to know the poor, you will tend to like them.Most poor people are quite difficult to deal with to people who have unfair biases against them. Many poor people have done nothing wrong, an... Read More »