Error in my shape program...please help!!!?

Answer Delete this sneaky semicolon here in your Shape abstract class:public String toString;{I think everything else is fine, you CAN use a "return;" statement in a void method without any values or obje... Read More »

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Please help! What is the meaning of the word "Auto Shape" in power point please help?

The shape is already drawn out for you, you can change the size.

Face Shape Help...=]?

First nice pictures, your very prettySecond, don't care what those mean people out there think your 11 or 12 whatever! LolThird, your face is ovalishFourth, Don't post pictures of yourself on the i... Read More »

Want to get back in shape! help me out?

Assuming you're still in school i recommend going out for all the teams you can, it's the easiest way for you to get as much exercise in a day as you can. Along with a diet of course. However if yo... Read More »

Formspring Error: 'MDB2 Error: syntax error'?

ERROR MDB2 Error: syntax error:the probable cause of the problem is actually a common error in PHP5 mySQL databases that usually happens when a single parameter in a field in the database that shou... Read More »