Erosion Experiments for Elementary Kids?

Answer Erosion is one of the slowest, yet most powerful forces in nature. The immensity of the Grand Canyon is an extreme example of the effects erosion can have on its surroundings. Over millions of yea... Read More »

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Erosion Games for Kids?

Erosion is the movement of sand, rocks and soil from one place to another. This process wears down the surface of the earth. It can be caused by wind or ice, but humans also erode the earth with ev... Read More »

Elementary Electricity Experiments?

Electricity is a secondary power source that is derived from coal, nuclear and solar energy. Even though electricity is a secondary energy source, most of the appliances and electronic devices that... Read More »

Elementary Rust Experiments?

There are many different materials an elementary student can use in order to watch the discovery of how something rusts by adding a few different liquids to a container. If a rusting experiment is ... Read More »

Elementary Rock Cycle Experiments?

Most elementary students are familiar with the water cycle, but they might not know that rocks also go through a cycle. The rock cycle begins with an igneous rock. The igneous rock goes through a c... Read More »