Ernest Rutherford information.?

Answer…- This has several references to good books and good websites, such as:…Then, a simple search on a science-only ... Read More »

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What did Ernest Rutherford discover?

Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937) made many contributions to the fields of chemistry and physics. He is best known for his "gold foil experiment," in which he elucidated the fundamental structure of th... Read More »

Ernest Rutherford discovered what?

Ernest Rutherford, a professor at the University of Manchester, discovered the nucleus, stating in March of 1911 that every atom contains a nucleus with a positive charge. His pronouncement launche... Read More »

What was Ernest Rutherford's discovery?

Ernest Rutherford discovered the atomic nucleus. He received the Nobel Prize in 1908 and was knighted in 1914. Rutherford also developed the model of the atom in which electrons orbit a nucleus.Ref... Read More »

What did Ernest Rutherford discover in 1909?

Ernest Rutherford performed the Geiger-Marsden experiment in 1909, which led to the discovery of the nucleus. His experiment consisted of alpha particles that either passed through or deflected aga... Read More »