Ernest Rutherford information.?

Answer…- This has several references to good books and good websites, such as:…Then, a simple search on a science-only ... Read More »

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Ernest Rutherford discovered what?

Ernest Rutherford, a professor at the University of Manchester, discovered the nucleus, stating in March of 1911 that every atom contains a nucleus with a positive charge. His pronouncement launche... Read More »

What did Ernest Rutherford discover?

Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937) made many contributions to the fields of chemistry and physics. He is best known for his "gold foil experiment," in which he elucidated the fundamental structure of th... Read More »

What did Ernest Rutherford discover in 1909?

Ernest Rutherford performed the Geiger-Marsden experiment in 1909, which led to the discovery of the nucleus. His experiment consisted of alpha particles that either passed through or deflected aga... Read More »

What did Professor Ernest Rutherford discover?

Ernest Rutherford discovered what we now know as the nucleus of an atom. In 1910, he fired alpha particles at a foil beam. When they traveled through the foil with very little deflection, Rutherfor... Read More »