Erikson's Stages of Adolescence?

Answer German psychoanalyst Erik Erikson developed a personality development model that consisted of eight stages, one of which concerns adolescents. According to the model, an individual goes through all... Read More »

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Characteristics of adolescence?

The Origin of the word Adolescence is from the Latin verb 'adolescere', which means, "to grow up." It can be defined as the transitional stage of development between childhood and full adulthood, r... Read More »

How does adolescence prepare a person for adulthood?

dogs produce their milk from 2-3 weeks before they have their pups

How to Remain in God's Love While in Adolescence?

You might think that Christianity is for little kids and by now you ought to be more mature. If that's what you think, you're gravely mistaken. Christianity, the act of following Jesus, is the only... Read More »

Why is good nutrition so important during adolescence?

Your body needs the vitamins and nutrition in healthy food so it can grow and mature that includes the brain. And eating unhealthy foods like pizza cheeseburgers pop chips fries etc. All will give ... Read More »