Erasing Your Tracks From Your Computer?

Answer Your computer use is all traceable; from what files you open to what websites you visit, any IT professional could detail your computer life based on that information. Even when you haven't saved a... Read More »

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How do you put ipod music on to your itunes library from a different computer without erasing?

Answer Step 1, Networking tow computers. If you do not know how to Network Windows with Mac OS X, go there:, Go to preferences, under the shar... Read More »

How can you put songs from your iTunes into your friends iPod with erasing their music?

Answer Once you've connected your iPod to the computer click on your iPods name on the left hand side. A picture of an iPod should show up and a the selected tab at the top should say 'Summary'. At... Read More »

How can you download songs on a different computer to your ipod without erasing the songs you already have?

When your on your computer do you listen to music from your computer or Ipod ?

I almost always listen to music from the computer while online....I love to have music in the background!