Equipment to DJ a House Party?


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I want2 have anew years eve party at my house but i dont trust any of my friends to be in my house what to do?

My husband said you need to get some new friends.If you don't trust them they don't need to be around you..Go out by yourself on New Years eve and find you some new friends...

19th Birthday Party ideas No house party.?

How Do I Scan My House for Spy Equipment?

Invasions of privacy are commonplace since spy devices like video cameras are small enough to be unobtrusive and nearly invisible to the naked eye. You can make sure that you are not being surrepti... Read More »

What exercizes ca I do around the house with little or no equipment?

Cardio! Without a stairmaster, you can run up a few flights of stairs for a great workout. You may look silly, but you can take things up and down with you as you go and get some housework done as... Read More »