Equine Traits Associated With the X Factor?

Answer Horses, like the majority of animals on our planet, have two chromosomes. These chromosomes govern every facet of the horse's being and represent a genetic map of the animal and its traits. The X c... Read More »

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What are key factors when identifying hazards associated with the civilian factor of METT TC?

Fields of fireAvenues of approachObstaclesCover and concealment

You are part of a combat patrol in a city in Afghanistan and there are squad sized insurgent forces o What are key considerations when identifying hazards associated with the cillian factor of METT-TC?

fields of fire, avenues of approach, obstables, and cover and concealment

Why do you share similar traits with with your parents and sibling?

Answer The laws vary from state to state, but generally, sex with a minor is considered unlawful sexual intercourse.

Colleges With Equine Bachelor Degrees?

An interest in horses leads to a bachelor's degree in equine studies for many students. Karen Anderson, writing in the January 27, 2011, edition of "Wisconsin State Farmer," states that opportuniti... Read More »