Equalizer Bluetooth IEEE 802.15.1?

Answer Not only do they have the right to inspect the data and communications, if they find you have been using it for purposes or communications that are illegal, or questionable they may have the right ... Read More »

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What is an IEEE 802.11 protocol?

The IEEE 802.11 protocol or standard is the frequency that Internet and other signals are transmitted over a wireless local area network (LAN). Wireless routers transmit and receive their signals u... Read More »

What Is the Ieee 802.3 Standard?

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 802.3 standard refers to a set of protocols that define local area networks (LAN). It covers the operation, bandwidth and connections of... Read More »

What is an IEEE 1394 adapter?

In computing, IEEE1394, also known as FireWire, is a high-speed data transfer technology similar to Universal Serial Bus (USB); an IEEE1394 adapter is a device that allows a computer to accept Fire... Read More »

IEEE 1394 port-HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Are you sure you have one on your computer?IEEE 1394 is a technology for connecting devices that is commonly known as "FIREWIRE". On your computer go to: "Start"Click on "Control Panel" (which is u... Read More »