Epson scanner?

Answer Are there any buttons on the printer that allow you to scan to computer? otherwise, get a program like picture it, which scans it for you

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My Epson Stylus SX440 scanner won't scan. It says "cannot communicate with scanner" but clearly is connected?

Did you check to make sure all the wires/plugs are connected properly?

Should I get a HP or an Epson scanner?

I'd refer to user-submitted comments on and the products in question don't have any reviews, I'd look at other HP/Epson scanner reviews in that price range and gauge whethe... Read More »

Epson scanner won't work?

Have you tried following the scanning procedure when using the Epson Scan icon or by using a scanning program?The following link is to the .pdf (Portable Document Format) file, User's Guide. (You'... Read More »

Epson scanner problem?

Hi CharmPut about 10 blank sheets on the sheet you are about to scan. This will cut off the glare. Also, scan at 300 dpi.