Epson printer xp 400 very slow?

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HP Pavillion MX70 - Is very very slow to do anything, I have broadband and Microsoft Office is very slow aswel?

u may need more programs to remove adware. i have the same pc. i use ad-aware and spybot twice a week to keep it running fast, check out to download programs that remove adware. hope t... Read More »

How Do I Fix Slow Printing With an Epson TM Serial Printer?

Slow printing is not an unusual issue for most printers; they can get clogged up or begin to run slowly over time. Printers require maintenance just like all hardware, so before you try to return a... Read More »

Network printer printer printing very slow?

Like Mike said, make sure you have the correct printer driver installed that is designed for Windows 7 & your model of printer. Make sure you setup printer sharing correctly (maybe try setting it u... Read More »

I have a EPSON 5500 printer.It is very costly to in terms ink cartridge . Is there any alternative.?

4 answers. 2 make no sense, 1 did not address your question, 1 gave the correct answer. CISS is the way to go but there are CISS and there are CISS. I found the best one, it has a reset button whe... Read More »