Epson printer prints divided text not full?

Answer you are either running out of ink or your black print head is clogged. this $7 kit will solve that…

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Epson printer prints text with blank line dividing?

That is a classic example of when a printhead nozzle/hole is plugged. You have several nozzles/holes in the printhead that the ink is sprayed out from & when one is plugged/clogged, that is what wi... Read More »

I have a epson stylus sx435w printer that only prints the title?

Thin pink lines on my prints from Epson Stylus Photo 830 Printer?

The heads need a serious cleaning."Some suggestions for unclogging your Epson printer"…"After trying cleaning cycles, you can try my trick of carefully dri... Read More »

Why is my epson bx300f printer printing small text?

Hi Anthony.The size of text printed on paper depend on size text set in text should also check print preview before you sent text on printer. Most text editors have that function (MS Wor... Read More »