Epson SX100 printer will not recognise new black ink cartridge?

Answer Hi JoReturn the cartdrige. Those clone cartridge are often incompatible which is why your Epson won;t recognize it. Bring it back and ask for another one.If it still doesn't print, it proves my poi... Read More »

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My Epson Inkjet Printer doesn't print out black ink even after a new ink cartridge is installed!?

these are nasty old problems - yuk. i do know one major problems with epson printers. you CANNOT uninstall and reinstall the ink carts. once you pierce the hole in the bottom of the cart, when u... Read More »

Strange Printer Problem Epson sx100?

Hi,Have you tried printing a test page to see what happens then?Have you tried clearing your temp files (star -> accessories --> system tools -> disk cleanup or goto computer, right click on your m... Read More »

Will an Epson 79 ink cartridge work in an Epson R260 printer?

The Epson R260 printer is not compatible with Epson 79 ink cartridges. The Epson R260 uses Epson 77 standard-capacity ink cartridges or Epson 78 high-capacity ink cartridges. The same numbering sch... Read More »

I have an epson printer and I need to replace an ink cartridge.?

I have an epson printer, and it really does not matter what ink you use. It comes up with message "the ink you are using is not EPSON, blah blah" this is just to make you buy their ink. I use Ink J... Read More »