Epitrochlear lymph node ?

Answer NOT cancer. You have diagnosed it correctly.That lymph node is doing its job fighting the infection in your finger.Nothing to worry about. Impressive that you know what an epitrochlear node is.Yo... Read More »

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What does it mean when you have one swollen lymph node?

It means that you body is trying to fight something off, or has fought something off and there is residual swelling. Congratulations, you have a normal, working immune system.

How to Relieve Lymph Node Pain?

The lymphatic system is your body's defense system against infection and disease. The system transports a special fluid called lymph throughout the body. All 600 or so lymph nodes are hubs for immu... Read More »

Swollen lymph node in neck?

Hey! All I can suggest is check in with your doctor .. a lymph node usually swells when it is fighting an infection .. this could mean that you are about to get sick or develop a cold .. however so... Read More »

Have a swollen lymph node in my neck.?

Lymph nodes respond to and fight infections. It seems to be doing a great job with your acne