Epidural without local anesthetic ?

Answer I had this procedure done in my lower back for degenerative disk disease.Had it done in 2005 & 2006. It consisted of two visits four weeks apart from each other.The doctor had be lay on my stomache... Read More »

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Why did my heart start racing when I had a local anesthetic injected?

I think it was due to apprehension, and anxiousness about the procedure you were receiving. Also, could be an allergic reaction to the substance in the anaesthetic. Next time you have a procedure ... Read More »

If you've had an epidural, what are the downsides (bad side-effects) of an epidural steroid spinal injection?

The side effects is that you are being injected with a steroid so it's a bone thinner in the long run depending on how many you get. The day after, I may be flushed beat red and have a very tender ... Read More »

Have you ever had fillings done without anesthetic?

Yeah I've had a few without any painkillers, I had it when my mouth was open, and could still feel the air and nothing was numb.If it's not near the nerve it doesn't need painkillers.

Anesthetic during pregnancy?

Answer if you use anesthetic with delivery the baby may be alittle sleepy the first day but that's all they do the first week anyway. personal choice. joymaker rn