Environmental Tax Deductions?

Answer Since 2005 the United States federal government has offered a number of tax incentives, in the form of credits or deductions, for putting environmentally friendly products into place in your life. ... Read More »

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Parking & Tax Deductions?

If you must pay fees for parking your car throughout the year, there are several instances where those parking fees can qualify as tax deductions on your federal income tax return. Each type of par... Read More »

Tax Deductions for Electricians?

Like most other professionals, electricians can claim tax deductions on items that relate to their work. Knowing all of the deductions that you are allowed to make helps you to know how much of a r... Read More »

How to Adjust I.R.S. Tax Deductions (U.S.A.)?

US tax filing doesn't have to feel like root canal. The pain can be dulled once you realize that tax withholding, filing status, and allowable deductions can be adjusted each tax year, all of which... Read More »

Common Deductions?

Understanding tax laws can help you to save a substantial sum of money. For many common expenses, you can choose to opt for a standard deduction (a flat sum), or you can itemize your deductions, cl... Read More »