Environmental Stewardship Projects for Middle Schools?

Answer Taking care of the environment is necessary to ensure future generations will have what they need to survive. Even middle school students can participate in projects in environmental stewardship. ... Read More »

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Summer Projects for Middle Schools?

Educators are always seeking refreshing new ideas for summer projects for middle school. Middle school students are hungry for learning and open to trying new adventures. Summer projects offer an e... Read More »

Truss Bridge Projects for Middle Schools?

A truss is a structure of triangles connected at joints called nodes. Truss bridges are the most common type of architecture using this type of design. The trusses work to hold up the bridge throug... Read More »

Projects on Pythagoras Theorem for Middle Schools?

Help your students get excited about the math that they are studying by having them think more deeply about the Pythagorean theorem--the theorem that the square of the longest side of a right trian... Read More »

History Fair Projects for Middle Schools?

Choosing a good history fair project involves selecting an area you are interested in, and finding a new way of approaching the subject. The more interested you are in the subject, the easier you w... Read More »