Environmental Disadvantages of Coal?

Answer Coal is a fossil fuel and was primarily formed in swamplike surroundings where plant and animal life was abundant. It is mainly made up of carbon and is considered to be a sedimentary rock, althoug... Read More »

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Coal As an Energy Source?

Coal is formed by geological forces acting on dead plant material through intense forces of pressure and heat over millions of years. Coal has been used as a major energy source since the mid-1700s... Read More »

How to Get to Old King Coal in "AQW"?

"AdventureQuest Worlds" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game played in a browser window. Old King Coal has become sick. Nurse Marie-Neige is looking after him , but she needs some he... Read More »

How to Walk on Coal?

Has it been a living dream of yours to walk on coals, flaming or slightly warm? This article can help you. Some people don't want to walk on coal, but you might.

Are coal and oil fossils?

Coal and oil, as well as natural gas, are fossils, because they formed from the products of ancient animals and plants. In fact, they are even known as fossil fuels.References:Energy Resources: Fos... Read More »