Entomology Degrees?

Answer Entomology is not just the study of bugs---it is also the study of agriculture, the environment and how ecosystems interact. Entomology is a subset of biology, and graduates find jobs in research l... Read More »

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Who was entomology first used by?

Informal entomology--the study of insects--can be traced back through history in various cultures around the world. In China, for example, in the year 1235 it was a common practice to observe for f... Read More »

Schools of Entomology?

Entomology is a branch of zoology that focuses on the study of insects. Though many humans tend to think of insects as insignificant pests, these tiny creatures actually account for almost two-thir... Read More »

When did forensic entomology get discovered?

The first use of forensic entomology was in 1855 in France by a scientist named Bergeret. Bergeret studied the bugs that were found on a baby's body in order to determine when the child died. This ... Read More »

List of Entomology Tools?

Ever wanted to get a closer look at the bugs and butterflies that call your backyard--or perhaps even your own house--home? Well, the same entomology tools used by professionals can also be used by... Read More »