Enter this contest! please help! TOKIO HOTEL?

Answer 1. go to websites like these and post a topic on the can log in or sign up on these)*copy and paste the 1st or 2nd banner codesif you have a myspace:http://forums... Read More »

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Tokio Hotel (FAMILY!) Miley Cyrus Vs. Tokio Hotel Vote, please?

why is that even a poll?a freeking rock could beat miley cyrus.tokio hotel is a freeking legend.poll:redtomstraight hairrr(:


1. I don't have a mac, Sorry. But it ejects the CD on my laptop.. Hmm.. Duno why it does that..2. *gangster voice* I Blocked HER @ss up last night, So don't y'all worry guys, We gonna sort this sh!... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family- Website Help Please?

First off, Im happy for you (that you figured it out haha) =]I have a tokio hotel fansite...and I have a Bio section, list of all their songs, links to videos, official news (only from tokiohotel-u... Read More »

Ahh tokio hotel family..please help )= and a question?………… Read More »