Enlarge printing when printing a page from printer?

Answer Do you mean you want to enlarge the whole page, or do you mean you want to selectively enlarge the print, while keeping the graphics and layout the same? You can do the first, but not the second. I... Read More »

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My Printer is Printing the same page! As soon as I turn the Printer on it start printing the same page. Help?

Relax - this is an easy fix. Go to Start - Printers and faxes and click to open. Highlight your printer icon by clicking just once. Look on the left hand side for the words: "See what's printing". ... Read More »

Hi i want to buy a printer for printing A4 sheets that have low cost of printing help me to find?

if you are a home user and want to take print 1-2 every day you should purchase a 3-in-1 printer that comes about Rs.3000-4000. they have photocopy feature, coloured printout, scanning of A4 size p... Read More »

My printer stopped printing after 1 page.How to fix it to do more?

My printer does that occasionally. Turn your printer off, and unplug its connections to your computer (the cords at back of printer). Wait about 5 minutes, then reconnect everything and turn printe... Read More »

Printer not printing the whole page (Epson sx435w)?

Hello Alistair, it appears your printer is laying down the ink correctly up until it gets to the bottom of the page so it is unlikely to be an ink problem. You can check this by reducing the size o... Read More »