Enlarge font size on printer?

Answer Well, it depends on how you're using it. If you're trying to print to it from a text application of some kind, then you'll need to adjust your text font size to a larger size. But if you're trying ... Read More »

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How do you change the font size on your printer?

It would be helpful if you noted what brand and model printer you're using and what program you're printing from... BUT, generally, try going into your printer properties (start> control panel> pri... Read More »

How can i change the size of font,that my printer is printing?

Change the font size in your application that you are using to print i.e word, notepad

How do i change the print, or font size on my printer?

No u don't do it with ur printer.Pretend u wrote somthing on microsoft writing thing and then at the top u have to i think go to edit then click font then u pick the font.Then when u print it ur go... Read More »

How to Enlarge the Font on a Motorola Cliq?

The Motorola Cliq allows you to set the font sizes for your email messages and the phone's browser. The settings are independent from one another, so you can have a smaller or larger text size depe... Read More »