English Learning Activities for Adults?

Answer When you are teaching English to adult non-native speakers, you need special methods that are designed for adults rather than children. These methods should respect the maturity of your students, a... Read More »

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Activities for Teaching English to Adults?

While most English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers include games for kids as part of their lesson plans, adults can also benefit from these types of interactive activities. For each activity yo... Read More »

Speaking Activities for Learning English?

Learning any second language can be a hard task, but approaching your new education the proper way will ensure a successful outcome. English, probably the most commonly spoken language in the world... Read More »

Communicative Activities for Learning English?

Communicative activities for teaching English use realistic or authentic language in situations that mimic the real world. Examples include interviews and surveys, role-plays and games. Sometimes c... Read More »

The Function of Warm-Up Activities for Learning English?

A good English as a Second Language lesson will have three distinct parts: a warm-up activity, new knowledge acquisition and practicing new knowledge. Each part of the lesson plays a vital role in ... Read More »