English Grammar and Double Negatives?

Answer Double negatives are defined as the use of two negatives in one sentence. The two negative words create a positive construction that is not grammatically correct. For instance, saying "he don't got... Read More »

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The Similarities Between Universal Grammar & English Grammar?

Universal grammar and English grammar are different concepts that share similarities. Universal grammar is a theory about language acquisition that applies to all languages. The theory of a univers... Read More »

Negatives of Learning English?

English has emerged as the world's lingua franca, a common language used by speakers of different languages, especially in the world of commerce. English is a complex language, one of the more diff... Read More »

How to Learn About English Grammar?

Grammar is the backbone of a language, providng a framework for the words we use. In many cases your use of grammar dictates how well you communicate. Learning about English grammar can help you to... Read More »

English Grammar Projects?

English grammar is the rules on how to use the English language. Children learn grammar as soon as they hear their parents speaking in English. Once they enter school, teachers give a more in-depth... Read More »