English Grammar Schools?

Answer Grammar schools are the only state secondary schools in England that are permitted to select pupils by academic ability. Grammar schools are state-run and don't charge fees. Students that want to g... Read More »

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The Similarities Between Universal Grammar & English Grammar?

Universal grammar and English grammar are different concepts that share similarities. Universal grammar is a theory about language acquisition that applies to all languages. The theory of a univers... Read More »

English Grammar Tools?

Teaching grammar can be tedious and boring, both for the teacher and the students. The key to teaching grammar effectively is teaching it in a way that is exciting, while being relevant. When teach... Read More »

How to Learn About English Grammar?

Grammar is the backbone of a language, providng a framework for the words we use. In many cases your use of grammar dictates how well you communicate. Learning about English grammar can help you to... Read More »

Information About English Grammar?

Grammar is to language what mechanics is to cars. When something breaks down in our communication it is often poor grammar that is at fault. Sometimes the terms grammarians use such as dangling par... Read More »