English Grammar: Dependent & Independent Clauses?

Answer You may find learning grammar rules boring, but your writing will only remain at the same level if you don't learn something about how sentences work. The more you master the rules of sentence stru... Read More »

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Practice for Independent & Dependent Clauses?

Creating independent and dependent clauses and using them appropriately requires practice. Make sure you understand the definitions of these clauses and how they function in sentences. Remember tha... Read More »

How to Teach Independent & Dependent Clauses?

Correct grammar requires basic understanding of sentence structure. Because sentences contain clauses, recognizing and understanding clauses will help students communicate successfully. Teach stude... Read More »

Difference Between Dependent & Independent Clauses?

Understanding and recognizing differences between independent and dependent clauses is a crucial component to English grammar and sentence structure. To form grammatically correct sentences for ess... Read More »

Semicolons and Independent Clauses?

Semicolons usually link two independent clauses together in the same sentence. Semicolons should not be used to link an independent and dependent clause together. Although semicolon rules are not c... Read More »