English Games to Teach Imperatives?

Answer The imperative form is one of the least difficult aspects of the English language to master, and teaching it provides a good opportunity for the instructor to broaden students' vocabulary of action... Read More »

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Games to Help Teach English?

Playing games is a useful technique when teaching English to children and adults. The activity can help with fluency and with using the language in a conversational way. Games can be used in a less... Read More »

How to Teach English Using Games?

Life should be viewed as learning and learning should be fun. It is a basic tenet of early childhood development that children learn social skills, grow and develop through play. Whether or not chi... Read More »

How to Use Games to Teach English?

Games are used to teach English to liven up lessons and create a relaxed learning atmosphere where students feel confident to practice new language skills. The games provide alternative ways of lea... Read More »

How to Teach English With Fun Learning Games?

Teaching English can bring the teacher face-to-face with a multitude of obstacles that students need to overcome. Many of the students learning English will bring with them insecurities and a lack ... Read More »