English Games to Teach Imperatives?

Answer The imperative form is one of the least difficult aspects of the English language to master, and teaching it provides a good opportunity for the instructor to broaden students' vocabulary of action... Read More »

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How to Use Games to Teach English?

Games are used to teach English to liven up lessons and create a relaxed learning atmosphere where students feel confident to practice new language skills. The games provide alternative ways of lea... Read More »

How to Teach English Using Games?

Life should be viewed as learning and learning should be fun. It is a basic tenet of early childhood development that children learn social skills, grow and develop through play. Whether or not chi... Read More »

Games to Teach English to Children?

Language acquisition is an active learning task, and there are many games that can be used to help teach English to children. Games are motivating and can be used to teach reading, writing and spea... Read More »

Creativity Games to Teach English?

If you've ever taught a grammar lesson and noticed that your students were about ready to fall asleep, you know that English, no matter how interesting it is to you, isn't always fun for your stude... Read More »