English Essay Terms?

Answer Writing essays is something all students will encounter at some point in their education. Even talented writers must continuously practice to become proficient at it. Essay writing requires you to ... Read More »

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English Vocabulary Terms?

The English language is comprised of words, each of which falls into a specific vocabulary category. These categories each have names and are taught at the elementary school and high school level. ... Read More »

Basic English Grammar Terms & Their Meanings?

Learning some basic terms of English grammar and their meanings helps people understand how phrases and sentences are constructed and how words and phrases convey meaning and nuance. Nouns, verbs, ... Read More »

How to Translate Medical Terms From English to Spanish?

Health care practitioners frequently find themselves struggling for words when dealing with patients who only speak Spanish. Trying to convey a diagnosis can be problematic through the translation.... Read More »

Common Literary Terms on the AP English Literature Exam?

The advanced placement (AP) exam in literature is taken by students who have been taking the AP English literature class throughout the course of the year. The exam includes multiple choice questio... Read More »