English Book Activities?

Answer Reading is an activity that has various implications on student development. It helps students evolve their literacy skills, enrich their vocabularies and consequently become more well spoken. Thes... Read More »

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What is the longest book in the English language?

According to Guiness World Records online, the longest novel written in English is "Marienbad My Love," written by Mark Leach. The book has topped 17 million words and was self-published in 2008.So... Read More »

About a free online book about the cia and oswald its for English please?

What was the most widely read book in the English colonies?

The Bible was the most widely read book in the English Colonies, according to The Library Company of Philadelphia. Among the earliest versions was the "Geneva Bible", brought over by the Puritans w... Read More »

Options to Translate a German Book Into English?

You may wish to have your book translated to another language prior to submitting it to an editor or publishing house. Publishing companies may also wish to have a book translated from one language... Read More »