Engineering Projects With "The Three Little Pigs"?

Answer In the "The Three Little Pigs,'' each pig builds his own type of house. One little pig builds a house of straw, another a house of sticks and the last a house of bricks. When the big, bad wolf come... Read More »

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Concrete Engineering Projects?

Concrete is a construction material made up of cement, rocks, sand and water. It can be used to make a myriad of structures because of its pliability in liquid form. It is used to make everything f... Read More »

Computer Science Projects for Engineering?

Engineers often must apply their computer science skills to the projects they develop. Computer science specialists also must often employ their computer programming skills to create software for t... Read More »

High School Engineering Projects?

As the field of professional engineering continues to grow, many high school science, technology and mathematics teachers are recognizing the value of introducing students to basic skills in this a... Read More »

Student Projects in Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineering is a broad and exciting field full of opportunities for creative student projects. Projects can help a student develop a thorough understanding of electronics or circuitry. T... Read More »