Engine Tuning Tips?

Answer Getting a regular tune up of your car is vital to an automobile's long life. Neglecting even one tune up can have disastrous results. At the very least your car will perform badly. Getting a tune u... Read More »

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DIY Engine Tuning?

Your car's engine should be tuned up approximately every 35,000 miles, or every two years. Keeping up with this will prolong the car's lifespan, and can even get you better gas mileage. While it ca... Read More »

Engine Tuning Tools?

When a vehicle begins running sluggishly or using more gas per mile, it may be time for a tune-up. A tune-up replaces vital engine parts that have worn out in order to help the car run better and t... Read More »

Engine Tuning Secrets?

Any book can tell you about the basics of engine tuning: provide more air to the engine for more power, match your heads/cam/compression for power and don't blow it up with nitrous oxide. However, ... Read More »

Basic Tuning Tools for a GM Car Engine?

Those who prefer to turn their own wrenches should have the basic tools on hand. These basic tools make tuning a GM car engine easier-if you do not use the proper tools, the job becomes difficult, ... Read More »