Engine Timing Mark Location on a Chevy 292?

Answer In 1963, the Chevrolet division of General Motors developed the 292-cubic inch inline six-cylinder engine. The Chevrolet 292 six-cylinder featured many engineering changes, over older and smaller d... Read More »

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How to Locate Timing Mark Locations on a 1993 Subaru Impreza 1.8 Engine?

Timing marks are used to synchronize processes inside of an automobile's engine. They are applied to the engine block and the sprockets of the engine's pulley system. And before you begin tackling ... Read More »

AC Compressor Location in a Chevy Silverado T Engine?

Knowing the location of the AC compressor in a Sliverado 5.3T engine can help you diagnose leaks and problems before you need to head to the dealer or to a repair shop. You can use this knowledge t... Read More »

How to Set the Timing on a 383 Chevy Engine?

Setting the ignition timing on a Chevrolet 383 engine syncs the timing of the distributor with the movement of the pistons. Maladjusted ignition timing can cause poor performance and internal engin... Read More »

327 Chevy Engine Timing Setting Instructions?

The 327-cubic inch Chevrolet engine is the third version of the Chevrolet small block engine that first entered service in 1955 as a 265-cubic inch engine with a 3-inch bore and 3.75-inch stroke. T... Read More »