Engine Code Diagnosis?

Answer Today's modern cars have no resemblance to cars from 30 years ago when it comes to repairs. Modern repair diagnosis is performed by asking the car's computer what may be wrong. Obviously the car do... Read More »

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What does NEC mean in a diagnosis code?

NEC refers to a “not elsewhere classified” diagnosis code found in the ICD-9 reference book. Medical coders assign a diagnosis code to insurance forms by reviewing the patient’s medical recor... Read More »

Check Engine Light Diagnosis?

A "check engine" warning light isn't necessarily a sign that something serious or dangerous is going wrong with your vehicle. Cars and trucks today contain powerful computers that control and monit... Read More »

What is the Diagnosis Code for suspicious skin lesion?

There isn't one. You have to wait for the pathology report to come back and code according to that.

When is the diagnosis of cystic hygroma possible I had an ultrasound done at 8w5d and they said there is increased fluid around the baby's neck but did not give a diagnosis.?