Energy Sources of the Stars?

Answer Every star in the universe is fueled by a process called nuclear fusion. Stars predominantly comprise hydrogen, and under the extreme conditions found in a star's core this hydrogen is forced to fu... Read More »

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Sources of Energy & Alternative Energy Reserves?

Many countries, including the United States, are pursuing new energy sources, both conventional -- generally from fossil fuels -- and alternative, generally from renewable resources such as solar p... Read More »

10 Sources of Energy?

Energy is the ability to do work. When you move your fingers to type on the keyboard, your muscle cells are using energy; when the neurons in your brain fire as you think or read, they are using en... Read More »

Non-Convectional Sources of Energy?

Non-convectional sources of energy are those that supply renewable energy, such as solar energy from the sun, wave and hydroelectric power from the water cycle and wind power. Renewable energy is a... Read More »

Conventional Sources of Energy?

Our modern lifestyles are powered by several different sources. While scientists are hard at work trying to figure out more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of generating this energy, th... Read More »